NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide

General Information on NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a reddish-brown, toxic, pungent chlorine-like smelling gas. The gas belongs to the group of nitrogen oxides and can be easily liquefied to N2O4 (dinitrogen tetraoxide) by increasing the pressure or cooling with dimerization. Nitrogen dioxide is used for the production of nitric acid. In trace amounts, nitrogen dioxide is formed from oxygen and nitrogen as the two main components of the atmosphere, both in natural processes such as lightning strikes and in technical combustion processes, e.g. in internal combustion engines.

Gas Sensors for the Detection of NO2

RITTER »MultiGas« Combined Modules NDIR + NDUV

CO2 CO N2O CnHm CH4 CF4 SF6 H2O O3 Cl2 SO2 H2S NO

RITTER »MultiGas« Modules can also be a combination of both NDIR sensors and NDUV sensors on a common board. With this unit, up to 3 gas components can be measured simultaneously. The basic electronics can supply IR and UV radiation sources with different frequencies for 0 Hz (DC) to 100 Hz (AC). This system is an ideal tool for detecting multi-component gas at low ppm levels.

Please note: For technical and chemical reasons, not every combination of gases/measuring ranges can be analyzed/measured in a single or combined RITTER »MultiGas« module. As this is a rather complex topic, please do not hesitate to contact one of our gas experts first.

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