Software »RIGAMO«

RITTER Data Acquisition Software »RIGAMO« for Microsoft Windows is used for data acquisition of gas volume and flow rate from up to 18 RITTER Gas Meters. Supports graphical and tabular display of measurement data and export of stored data to Microsoft Excel®.

Table of Contents



  • Unified Windows® software for measurement data acquisition from RITTER products
  • Support for multi-core processors
  • Windows® software for data acquisition of gas volume and flow rate from up to 18 RITTER Gas Meters to a PC USB port
  • Graphical and tabular display of measurement data in real-time
  • Normalization of measurement data by compensation of:
    • temperature
    • pressure
    • humidity
  • Storage of measurement data in both SD card (built into Signal Interface Module »SIM«) and PC
  • Data Acquisition even during failure of mains power supply
  • Export of stored data to Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet

Please note: »RIGAMO« can only started once at a time on a single PC.

No support of bi-directional recognition of the measuring drum rotation with Pulse Generator V4.01

The Signal Input Module »SIM« required for data acquisition is not approved for use in ex-proof areas!

Measurement of Gas Volume

  • Data acquisition of gas volume and flow rate from up to 18 RITTER Gas Meters
  • Measurement of gas temperature for recalculation to norm temperature (normalization)
    Please note: With the current version of the Signal Interface Module »SIM« only a single temperature probe can be connected to one »SIM« unit.
  • Measurement of atmospheric pressure for recalculation to norm pressure (normalization)
  • Compensation of humidity
  • Automatic correction of measurement data on the basis of the individual calibration curve: »Dynamic Correction of Measurement Error« (MilliGascounter only)

Operation with Biogas Batch Fermentation System »BBFS«

  • Temperature Control of Heating Oven
  • Speed Control of stirring units of fermentation bottle incl. interval mode
  • Real-time status of CO2 absorption for up to 18 CO2 absorption bottles (with optional accessory »CO2 Absorption System« of Biogas Batch Fermentation System »BBFS«):
  • Display of current CO2 absorption capacity for each absorption bottle
  • Display of remaining CO2 absorption for each absorption bottle
  • Alarm function for each absorption bottle if CO2 absorption capacity falls below a freely selectable level


Configuration Window

ritter rigamo v4 configuration window info
  • Area 1: Consecutive number of input ports / channels
  • Area 2: Checkboxes for selection / deselection of single channels
  • Area 3: Assignment of Gas Meter type to each port
  • Area 4: Selection of Pulse Generator type for each Gas Meter
  • Area 5: Selection of calibration data file for each Gas Meter (MilliGascounter only)
  • Area 6: Input of time interval value for saving of measurement data to the PC
  • Area 7: Selection of time interval unit for saving of measurement data
  • Area 8: Selection of mode for termination of data acquisition
  • Area 9: Input of value for termination of data acquisition
  • Area 10: Optional input of user / identifier for a test run
  • Area 11: Optional input of description or comment for a test run
  • Area 12: Directory path for measurement data
  • Area 13: Checkbox for selection / deselection of all ports
  • Area 14: Master line for simultaneous input / deletion of parameters in marked channels
  • Area 15: Saves entered parameters and closes the Configuration Window
  • Area 16: Closes the Configuration Window without saving entered parameters

Recording Window

ritter rigamo v4 recording window info
  • Area 1: Display of port status
  • Area 2: Tabular display of data for respective ports in real time
  • Area 3: Checkboxes for displaying or hiding of graphs
  • Area 4: Magnification tools for diagram area
  • Area 5: Legend for graphs (gas volume and flow rate)
  • Area 6: Diagram area for gas volume and flow rate
  • Area 7: Selection / deselection of all ports
  • Area 8: Start / Stop of data acquisition
  • Area 9: Closes the Recording Window
  • Area 10: Indication of gas temperature
    Activation / deactivation of temperature normalisation
  • Area 11: Indication of atmospheric pressure
    Activation / deactivation of pressure normalisation

Please note: The illustrations shown above represent RIGAMO Software V 4.24. The user interface of previous versions may differ. For further information, please refer to the documentation provided with the software.

System Requirements

  • Gas meter with built-in pulse generator (MilliGascounter standard)
  • Signal Interface Module »SIM« (option)
  • Operating system: Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
  • Microsoft Excel® 2003 or newer for data export
  • Recommended processor performance: ≥2 GHz
  • Random access memory (RAM): ≥4 GB
  • 1 available USB port
  • Monitor 17’’ or larger (optimised for monitor resolutions of 1280×1024 pixels or higher)

Please note: No other National Instruments software should be installed on the respective computer as it may conflict with the RIGAMO software.

A standard converter »USB to RS232« for connection to COM port cannot be used.

Configuration Example

Schematic of a completed configuration of RITTER Gas Meter, Signal Interface Module (»SIM«), PC and RIGAMO

(Example for connection of 4 gas meters)

Schematische Darstellung: Gesamt-Konfiguration von RITTER Gaszählern, Signal-Interface-Modul »SIM«, PC und »RIGAMO«