RITTER Thermometer Packing Liquid for Drum-type Gas-Meters


RITTER Manometer Wide Scale for Drum-type Gas-Meters


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Pulse Generators

Rigamo Software Logo

Software »RIGAMO«

  • For Microsoft Windows®
  • Used for data acquisition of gas volume and flow rate from up to 24 RITTER Gas Meters
  • Graphical and tabular display of measurement data
  • Export of stored data to Microsoft Excel®

Packing Liquid Silox with accessories

Packing Liquids (for drum-type gas meters)

  • Suitable for RITTER Drum-type Gas Meters and a many (even highly aggressive) gases
  • Feature properties like a low molecular weight, lower chemical reactivity and less evaporation than water
  • Allow for even more consistent measurement results

RITTER Electronic Display Unit EDU 32 FP

Electronic Display Unit

  • Suitable for all RITTER Gas Meters
  • Microcomputer-controlled counter and display apparatus of the absolute volume and flow-rate
  • Casing with two-line Plain-Text-LCD-Display


LCD-Counter – resettable

  • Suitable for RITTER Drum-type Gas Meters and Bellows-type Gas Meters
  • Displays the volume measured by the gas meter
  • Indication with TG05: 0 to 9.999.999,5 ltr; all other meters: 0 to 99.999.999 ltr
  • Resolution = volume of measuring drum

Safety Valve – free blow-off

Safety Valves

RITTER High-Precision Packing Liquid Level Indicator (HPLI)


  • Suitable for RITTER Drum-type Gas Meters
  • Allows highly precise reading and setting of the packing liquid level
  • Liquid level in the sloping tube exactly reflects the level in the Gas Meter casing