RITTER Drum-type Gas Meter

Drum-type Gas Meters

RITTER Drum-type (wet-test) Gas Meters are universally applicable for measuring the volume of flowing gases and are particularly effective when measurements demand the highest precision with a highest accuracy of ±0,5% across the full flow rate range.

RITTER MilliGascounters - PMMA, PVDF & PVC models


The MilliGascounters (MGC) are designed for the volumetric measurement of the smallest amounts of gas with ultra-low flow rates. They are suitable for measurement of all inert, slightly corrosive gases such as biogas and aggressive gases as well as for volumetric leak detection.


Biogas Batch Fermentation System

The RITTER Biogas Batch Fermentation System allows the investigation of fermentation processes with up to 16 uniformly tempered fermentation bottles in a heating oven at the same time and automatic measurement with data acquisition in real time.

RITTER MultiGas Sensorgehäuse

MultiGas Sensors

Analyze up to 4 different gases in only one table-top casing simultaneously with 3 modules. The modular components enable flexible adaptation of the measuring system to individual measuring tasks.

RITTER Bellows-type Gas Meter

Bellows-type Gas Meters

RITTER Bellows-type Gas Meters are applicable for measuring the volume of flowing inert and dry gases and are particularly effective at high gas flows. The major advantage of volumetric gas meters is that the volume is directly measured by the principle of displacement.

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RITTER Data Acquisition Software »RIGAMO« for Microsoft Windows is used for data acquisition of gas volume and flow rate from up to 24 RITTER gas meters. Supports graphical and tabular display of measurement data and export of stored data to Microsoft Excel®.

Manometer Wide Scale for RITTER Drum-type Gas Meters


Also explore the various accessories for RITTER Gas Meters. Next to Thermometers, Manometers and Pulse Generators you can also find Packing Liquids, Safety Valves and more right here.

RITTER Gas Sampling Bags

Gas Sampling Bags

RITTER Gas Sampling Bags have been specifically designed for easy and reliable collection of air & gas samples. The non-permeable, opaque and chemically inert properties of the bags ensure that the collected gases remain uncontaminated and unaltered.