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Block-MGC 9x

  • Multiple measurement cells in one unit
  • Cells are measuring independently of each other
  • Gas in/outlet for each cell
  • Calibration certificate for each cell
  • Compensation of temperature *
  • Compensation of pressure *
  • Compensation of humidity *
* with Software »RIGAMO«
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Type: MGC-1 PMMA / Material: Casing PMMA, measurement cell PVDF

  • Measuring range: 1 ml/h to 1 ltr/h
  • Measuring accuracy: ±3% across the whole flow rate range (better ±1% with »RIGAMO« software by dynamic correction of measurement errors)
  • Including individual calibration certificate
  • Volume measurement cell: 3 ml
  • Equipment: Digital display, 200 ml packing liquid, 1.5 m connection tube, cleaning tool, syringe and bubble level (1 piece each for up to max. 5 pc.)
  • Resolution (= min. measurement increment): 3 ml
  • Max. operating temperature 60 °C
  • Max. overpressure: 100 mbar
PMMA / PVDF Dimensions ø 96 mm x H 112 mm Weight 475 g

For a detailed description see RITTER MilliGascounters and data sheet »MilliGascounter MGC-1 PMMA«.

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The MilliGascounters (MGC) are designed for the volumetric measurement of the smallest amounts of gas with ultra-low flow rates. They are suitable for measurement of all inert, slightly corrosive gases such as biogas and aggressive gases as well as for volumetric leak detection.
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