The All-new RITTER »MultiGas« Sensors

RITTER Ri.sens SensorAnalyse simultaneously with 3 modules up to 4 different gases in one table-top casing

Modular sensor design

In order to be able to adapt the measuring system as flexibly as possible to individual measuring tasks, the individual components are designed in a modular way. This created a modular system in which the different components such as measuring unit, radiator unit, measuring cuvette, etc. are interchangeable. In addition to aluminum and stainless steel as standard cuvette materials, PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is therefore available as well. The aluminum cuvettes of the IR sensors are gold-plated on the inside, the stainless steel cuvettes of the UV sensors are made with an inert coating inside and outside.

This sophisticated sensor design can also be used to simplify ‘exotic’ applications without requiring a completely new development. The modularity of the replacement and maintenance in case of service is greatly facilitated. Completely glued gas sensors, on the other hand, can only be exchanged as a whole unit and thus generate high follow-up costs (total cost of ownership) in case of service. Each version can optionally be equipped with an oxygen and/or pressure sensor.

Oxygen Sensor (O2)

  • Measuring range: 0 – 100 %
  • Response time (t90): 15 sec; shorter times on request
  • Lifetime: approx. 5 years
  • Electrochemical sensor

Pressure Sensor (P)

  • Measuring range: 800 – 1.200 mbar
  • Resolution: 1 mbar
  • Response time (t90): 1 sec

Discover Modular Gas Analysis with RITTER MultiGas Sensors