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HXXO20201129111701PE 1600

Rack für BBFS-9

  • Geeignet für einfache und kompakte Aufstellung von max. 9 MilliGascountern und 9 optionalen CO2-Absorptionsflaschen 
  • Ausführung: Rahmen aus Aluminium-Profilen, Regalböden aus Edelstahl 1.4571 
Rack for BBFS-9Dimensions W 540 mm x D 370 mm x H 950 mmGewicht 9,0 Kg
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HXXO20201129105713PE 1170

Signal Interface Module (»SIM«)

Types: 1-/3-/9-/18-Channel Central interface module for RITTER biogas batch fermentation system BBFS V4.x Functions: Data transmission of gas volume and temperature of a RITTER gas meter Normalisation (temperature and pressure …

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HXXO20201129111701PE 1600


Suitable for simple and compact installation of max. 18 MilliGascounters and 18 optional CO2 absorption bottles Frame made of aluminium, shelves made of stainless steel 1.4571 Rack for BBFS-18 Dimensions …

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HXXO20201128141204PE 1600

Heating Oven Type BBFS-18

Suitable for max. 18 x 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0 ltr PMMA Fermentation BottlesAir circulation by 2 powerful fans for homogeneous heat distributionControl panel with LCD display for digital temperature …

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HXXO20190618085829PE 1600

Block MilliGascounter 9x

Multiple measurement cells in one unit Cells are measuring independently of each other Gas in/outlet for each cell Calibration certificate for each cell Compensation of temperature * Compensation of pressure …

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HXXO20170824104229 AdobeRGB300 1170 2

CO2 Absorption Bottle

  • CO2 absorption rate better than 99%
  • CO2 absorption capacities: See »CO2 Absorption System«.
  • With unique dip pipe design and PVDF screw-type tube coupling
  • Including tubing to PMMA Fermentation Bottle and to MilliGascounter øi 4 mm / øo 6 mm
  • Volume 250 ml, ø D 95 mm x H 106 mm (overall dimensions ø D 95 mm x H 145 mm, weight 290 g)

For a detailed description see Data Sheet »CO2 Absorption Bottle«.

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