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LCD Display in RITTER Drum-type Gas Meter
LCD Display in RITTER Drum-type Gas Meter
The resettable LCD-Counter displays the volume measured by the gas meter. As an option it is available for RITTER drum-type and bellows-type gas meters and must be ordered along with the gas meter.

Use in ex-proof areas

The LCD-Counter is not intrinsically safe. Therefore, it cannot be used in ex-proof areas in general! For exceptions please check with your authorized ex-proof safety representative.

Functional principle

A permanent magnet as well as a reed contact are mounted within the counter casing of the gas meter. The permanent magnet closes the reed contact once per revolution of the measuring drum of the gas meter. Each pulse of the reed contact adds a volume increment to the displayed volume. The volume increment equals the measuring drum volume of the respective gas meter. Fractions of a drum revolution are indicted by the dial face indicator (needle). The LCD display is battery operated.

Please note:

  • If the direction of drum rotation is reversed (by under-pressure at the gas inlet or over-pressure at the gas outlet), the pulses of the reed contact are detected by the counter. Subsequently, the respective »negative« gas volume is wrongly added because a detection of the rotational direction of the drum is not possible with the red contact.
  • Prior to resetting the counter to »zero«, the indication needle must be turned to »zero« as well. Because the indication needle is coupled to the drum via the shaft and magnetic coupling, the gas meter must be depressurised (gas inlet/outlet open). Thus, the drum can rotate without resistance and the indicator needle can be reset to »zero« easily.

Technical data

Battery life timeapprox. 5 years
Resetmanual reset via pushbutton (can be locked)
Reset lockvia bridge between terminals »Keylock« and »0 V«
Operating temperature-10 to +50 °C
Display8-digit LCD, 7 mm
Supply voltageinternal lithium battery
Protection class (IEC 144)front side IP 65, terminals IP 20
Electrical connectionscrew terminals
Input resistance< 50 kΩ (static)

V 1.0 / Rev. 2024-04-15 / Subject to alterations.