Pulse Generator V6.0 (Reed Contact)

Pulse Generator V6.0 (Reed Contact)


The Pulse Generator V6.0 (Reed Contact) for RITTER MilliGascounters is used to transfer the measured gas volume to an external measuring instrument (Computer, PC). To convert the signal for USB-output and use in conjunction with Data Acquisition Software »Rigamo« the Digital Interface Module »DIM« (both optional accessories) is necessary.


The measurement of the flowing gas volume occurs by counting the number of tilts of the measurement cell by means of a permanent magnet and two magnetic sensors (reed contacts). The magnet is located at the top of the measurement cell, the reed contacts are located within the cover on top of the casing.

The tilting procedure of the measurement cell closes the two reed contacts. The first one triggers a counter pulse at the counter unit. Additionally, the second reed contact works as a pulse generator (V6.0) and can be used as signal output from the MilliGascounter to an external data acquisition system. Please note that the counter unit displays a gas volume in ml. In contrast, the pulses provided at the output socket are equivalent to the number of tilts of the measurement cell. For further information please refer to par. 3.2.2 of the MilliGascounter Manual.

The reed contact of the signal output works as a potential-free closing contact.

Electrical Data

Max. switching power 10 Watt
Max. switching current 0,5 A/DC
Max. switching voltage 100 V/DC
Switch-/closing time, approx. 0,1 sec
Rebound time < 1 msec
Max. switched contact resistance 150

Output Socket

The switching pulses of the reed contact can be obtained at the output socket.

Attention: The switch pulses of the reed contact are equal to the number of tilts of the measurement cell. The pulses therefore represent the uncorrected (not calibrated) measured gas volume. The gas volume obtained via the signal output socket must therefore be multiplied by the calibration factor to get the true gas volume.

The output socket is a standard 3.5 mm stereo socket, into which a compatible jack plug can be inserted (identical to a jack plug of audio devices).

Ausgangsbuche Reed-Kontakt

Part Function
A Reed Contact no. 1 for counter
B Counter and LCD display
C Reed Contact no. 2 for output signal and Output Socket
D Jack plug (3.5 mm stereo socket)

Pin / Contact of Jack Plug Function
2 Ground
3 Signal
4 Not used

V 6.0 / Rev. 2020-02-19 / Subject to alterations.