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RITTER PMMA-GärgefäßAfter more than 65 years of thermoplastic engineering RITTER knows best in the field of biogas fermentation: The RITTER PMMA Fermentation Bottle in various bottle sizes with absolute gas tightness!

With biogas fermentation tests the fermentation bottle is one of the key components. The unique RITTER fermentation bottle is an ideal tool for such tests by combining the following features:

  • High breaking strength by PMMA material (no fragile glass gas outlet nozzle)
  • Absolute gas-tight by magnetic coupling between stirring motor and stirring blade
  • Components: PMMA bottle, stirring motor (step motor) and stirring blade; on request without stirring unit
  • Stirring speed adjustable from 1 to 30 r/min
  • Suitable for media with low and high viscosity (≤ 450 mm2/sec)
  • Gas outlet port: PVDF screw-type tube connection for tube Ø 4i / 6o mm
  • Bottle sizes: 0.5 / 1 / 2 ltr – custom sizes available
  • Custom stirring blades available