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Electronic Display Unit »EDU 32 FP«

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General Overview

RITTER Electronic Display Unit EDU 32 FP


The EDU 32 FP accessory is a microcomputer-controlled counter and display apparatus. It is designed to be used in conjunction with RITTER Gas Meters, to count and display the abso-lute volume and flow-rate of Gases flowing through the RITTER Meter. It consists of a unit in a separate (desk top) casing with a two-line Plain-Text-LCD-Display, and can be used with all types of RITTER Gas Meters. The following individual alterations and functions can be programmed via the Control Buttons:

  1. Gas Meter type being used
  2. Individual measurement range (min./max. flow rates) for custom-built Gas Meters
  3. Upper and lower limiting values for Flow Rate
  4. Pulse Generator in use: Standard (200 Pulses per revolution of the measurement drum), Ex-Proof (50 Pulses/Revolution) or custom-built Models (customer-preferred number of pulses under 200 or 50 respectively)
  5. Language German/English in the Display
  6. Analog-Output: Current Output or Voltage Output
  7. Contrast adjustment of the Display

Technical Data

Power supply

  • either 110 V / 60 Hz or 230 V / 50 Hz (must be specified with order)
  • Over-/undervoltage:
    • +15%
    • -5% (with Current Output »On«)
    • -20% (with Current Output “Off”)
  • 6 Volt Accumulator for battery operation
  • Standart power socket, power cord (1)


Pulses from Pulse Generator built into Gas Meter, round 5-pin-socket suitable for all RITTER Drum-type Gas Meters and Bellows-type Gas Meters (Type and Model programmable via the control buttons).


  1. Interface RS 232 (Standard Sub-D-9-pin-socket):
    • Signal: +/- 15 Volts
    • Transmission rate: 9,600 Baud
    • Data = 8 Bit, Parity = N, Stopbit = 1
  2. Analog Output, programmable, round 5-pin-socket:
    1. Current Output: 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 20 mA or
    2. Voltage Output : 0 – 1 Volt


  • large 2-line LCD Display, 16 characters per line
  • Display language programmable: English / German
  • Display contrast adjustable (via the Menu)
  • Display of:
    • measured Gas Volume in [Liters]
    • actual Flow Rate in [Liters per hour]
    • programmed Gas Meter type/model
    • power status (Mains / Battery / Low Batt)

Control elements

  • Push-buttons, waterproof
Button Function
RESET (in measurement Mode): Resetting the Display to zero
ENTER (in set-up mode): For scrolling through provided Menu Options and saving of selected option
MODE (in measurement Mode): Choice of Display “Volume” and/or “Flow Rate”
SELECT (in set-up mode): For selection of required Menu Option

Further Functions

  • Data transmission via RS 232 to a PC
  • Configuration of the EDU 32 FP from the PC
  • Pre-selection of a minimal or maximal Flow Rate
  • Acoustic Signalling (Beep) when the Flow Rate values exceed the pre-selected min./max. range
  • Power supply for the power interface can be turned off (to in-crease the running time during battery operation)

Control Codes

(for data transmission from Interface RS 232 to Computer)

  • Ctrl-V (Hex 16) provides: VOL 00000,00 LTR
  • Ctrl-F (Hex 06) provides: FLOW 000,00 L/H
  • Ctrl-C (Hex 03) causes: RESET
  • Ctrl-T (Hex 14) provides: Type + Power Status


  • 0.1 Ampere – located at the rear wall in a fuse drawer below the power socket. The fuse drawer contains a spare fuse as well.


  • Width x depth x height = 155 x 200 x 120 mm


  • 1,4 kg

Temperature Range

  • 0 °C to + 50 °C

Scope of supply

  • Power cord (with delivery into countries with German Standard for socket / plug only)
  • Connection cord to Pulse Generator

V 5.2 / Rev. 2023-03-09 / Sujeito a alterações.