Ihr maßgeschneidertes Biogas-Batch-Gärsystem von RITTER

Choose the features that suit your purposes and we deliver the perfect combination!

RITTER Engineering has been successfully operating in the field of thermoplastic engineering for more than 65 years. Among other products RITTER manufactures Gas Meters made from various superior thermoplastics and high grade stainless steel, which are used world-wide in research and development laboratories as well as in industry. These meters can operate with highly aggressive gases while ensuring a high degree of precision.

The Biogas Batch Fermentation System enables automatic measurement of biogas production with a maximum of 16 different fermentation substrates simultaneously. Automated data acquisition of gas volume and flow rate through real time data logging is provided for the duration of the process. While these processes can last over extended periods of time, the System increases efficiency by optimizing the amount of required user intervention and supervision of measurements.

The fermentation substrates are processed in PMMA bottles (0.5 / 1 / 2 ltr) which are kept in a heating oven under constant temperature. This contrasts to traditional liquid bath systems which do not guarantee uniform temperature, as the bottles are not completely immersed.

Each bottle is equipped with its own stirring device and a magnetic coupling for absolute gas tightness. The generated gas flows through a highly efficient CO2 absorption system with a guaranteed absorption rate better than 99%. The absorption capacity per 250 ml bottle is equal to approximately 9 ltr of CO2 (with biogas CH4 60% / CO2 40% at flow rate 0.2 ltr/h; equivalent to the input of 15 liters of biogas).

The flow rate of the gas is measured by the RITTER MilliGascounters. These meters are designed for the volumetric measurement of the smallest amounts of gas with ultra-low flow rates of 1 ml/h. The measured gas volume is indicated at the integrated display and transmitted to the »RIGAMO« data acquisition software. Each MilliGascounter is supplied with an individual calibration certificate with a guaranteed measurement error of better than ±3% over the entire measuring range. In combination with »RIGAMO« the measurement error is better than ±1%.

The RITTER Biogas Batch Fermentation System is the ideal solution for all those who are actively engaged in biogas research.