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Bouteille de fermentation en PMMA avec dispositif d’agitation

Table des matières

Feature highlights

  • Absolute gas-tight by magnetic coupling between stirring motor and stirring blade
  • Various bottle sizes: 0.5 / 1 / 2 ltr – custom sizes on request
  • High breaking strength by PMMA material (no fragile glass gas outlet nozzle)
  • Incl. stirring blade …
    • Type A (standard): Suitable for media with medium viscosity and small to medium size solid materials
    • Type B (optional): Suitable for media with high viscosity and fibrous solid materials
    • Typ C (optional): Suitable for media with low viscosity and low amounts of solid materials
  • Custom stirring blades available
  • Not suitable for use in a water bath due to corrosion of the step motor

Typ A
Typ A
Typ B
Typ B
Typ C
Typ C

Technical Data

  • Stirring speed adjustable from 1 to 30 r/min *
  • Clocked stirring 1 min / 1 min *
  • Suitable for media with low and high viscosity($; 450 mm2/sec)
  • Temperature range: 10 – 55°C
  • Max. pressure: 100 mbar
  • Material fermentation bottle: PMMA crystal-clear
  • 22 connection ports: 1 x gas outlet, 1 x purging of heads space or sample taking, PVDF screw-type tube connection for tube Øi 4 mm, Øo 6 mm
  • Incl. PVC Connection tube (Rauclair) Øi 4 mm, Øo 6 mm, 1,5 m

* with »RIGAMO« Software

Dimensions of Fermentation Bottles with Stirring device

0.5 ltrH 183 mm x Ø 105/130 mmWeight 0.95 kg 
1.0 ltrH 249 mm x Ø 105/130 mmWeight 1.2 kg 
2.0 ltrH 409 mm x Ø 105/130 mmWeight 1.5 kg 

Dimensions of Stirring Blades

0.5 ltrW 80 mm x H 45 mm  
1.0 ltrW 80 mm x H 125 mm  
2.0 ltrW 80 mm x H 285 mm  


Please remove the Stirring Unit from the PMMA Fermentation Bottle before cleaning the bottle.

The Fermentation Bottles can be cleaned with commercially available cleaning products and are dishwasher safe (max. 60 °( / 140 °F).

Please do not use: organic substances, benzene, ethanol, alcohol, any benzene-containing petrol/gasoline, any dilution of synthetic resin

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