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Líquido de embalaje Pionier 4281

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Líquido de embalaje Pionier 4281


Pionier 4281 is a medical paraffinic mineral White Oil containing aromates in trace elements. It is colourless, odourless, and clear.

Safety instructions

  • Swallowing and inhalation:
    Can be fatal after swallowing and intrusion into respiratory system. When swallowing the product may be absorbed in the lungs due to its low viscosity and lead within a short time to develop serious lung damage. (The patient must be monitored medically for 48 h.) Immediately contact local or national Poison Information Center (Germany: +49-551-19240) or doctor! Don’t effect vomiting!
  • For further information refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.
  • Disposal according to governmental regulations.
  • No dangerous good in Terms of transport regulations.
safety warning


Pionier 4281 can be used with RITTER Drum-type Gas Meters made out of PVC, PVDF and Stainless Steel.

Incompatible substances

  • Not suitable for measurements with oxygen.
  • Contact with strong oxidising agents (e.g. peroxides, chromates) can lead to fire hazard.
  • Mixing with nitrates or other oxidising agents (e.g. chlorates, perchlorates, liquid oxygen) can create an explosive compound.


  • Use under 0 °C.
  • Less evaporation than water due to its lower vapour pressure.
  • Greater stability of the Packing Fluid level.
  • Improvement in the repeatability of measurement results.
  • Reduction in the required frequency of Packing Fluid level monitoring.
  • The gas remains dry.
  • In general, a lower chemical reactivity with water.

Solubility of gases

No data available from manufacturer.


Viscosity20 °C6,5 cSt (=mm2/sec)
40 °C4,0 cSt
Density15 °C0,81 g/ml
Vapour pressure20 °C< 0,1 mbar
Pour point-9 °C
Flashpoint115 °C
Thermal expansion coefficient0,0007 K-1
AppearanceColourless, odourless, and clear

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