датчик давления

датчик давления


A change in gas pressure causes a change in the number of molecules per volume and thus a change in gas density. This density change in turn has a significant influence on the result of the concentration measurement by the sensor. By measuring the gas pressure inside of the sample cell (cuvette), the value of the concentration measurement is compensated / corrected.

The pressure sensor is a sensor module available as option in addition to a RITTER MultiGas NDIR or NDUV sensor. The measured pressure value is displayed in the provided software.


  • Pressure compensation of measured gas concentrations
  • Measuring range: 800 – 1,200 mbar abs.
  • Measurement accuracy ±1% of span (full scale)
  • Resolution: 1 mbar
  • Response time (t90): 1 s
  • Incl. temperature compensation

V 1.0 / Rev. 2021-05-15 / Возможны изменения.