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MultiGas 红外线加紫外线传感器

CO2 / CO / NO / CH4 / CnHm / N2O
SO2 / NO2 / O3 / CL2 / H2S
  • 可同时测量3种气体成分


CO2 CO N2O CH4 CnHm* CF4 SF6 H2O O3 CL2 H2S SO2 NO2

The third RITTER MultiGas module is a combination of both Module NDIR and Module NDUV on a common board. With this unit, up to 3 gas components can be measured simultaneously. The basic electronics can supply IR and UV radia- tion sources with different frequencies for 0 Hz (DC) to 100 Hz (AC). This system is an ideal tool for detecting multi-component gas at low ppm levels.

The various photometric components such as detectors, emitters, measuring sample cell, etc. will be assembled user-specifically in a high-quality tabletop casing by RITTER.
RITTER MultiGas Sensorgehäuse


Characteristics and Benefits

  • Group of detectable gases:
    CO2 CO N2O CH4 CnHm* CF4 SF6 H2O O3 CL2 H2S SO2 NO2
  • 测量精度 ±2% of Full Scale (F.S.)
  • No cross-sensitivity to H2
  • Operating temperature: 5 – 45 °C
  • Operating pressure: 800 – 1200 mbar (hPa) abs.
  • Flow rate range: 1 ltr/day – 100 ltr/h
  • Warm-up time: IR 2 min / UV 1 min
  • Response time (t90): ≈ 1-2 sec depending on gas
  • Interface USB, on request RS 232
  • IR Sensor cuvette: Aluminum, gold plated for sensor length 100 ≥ mm
  • UV Sensor cuvette: Stainless steel with inert coating inside and outside; PEEK for corrosive gases (H2S, chlorine) on request
  • Incl. temperature compensation
  • Incl. data acquisition software
  • In tabletop casing, overall dimensions W x H x L 171 x 85 x 246 mm, weight approx. 1,9 kg
  • Gas connection: PVDF screw-type tube connection for tube Øi 4 mm, Øa 6 mm
  • Power supply: 24 VDC (incl. power plug 100 – 240 VAC / 24 VDC)


  • Readjustment of the zero-point is recommended once a week.
  • Contamination of the measuring cuvette can lead to shifting of the end-point. Due to the integrated filter, re-adjustment of the end-point is generally not required – but can be performed once a year.
  • Additionally, cartridges filled with an inert and the respective test gas for recalibration of the zero and end-point can be provided.
  • Long-term drift is < 1% of Full Scale (F.S.) / 24 h.


V 1.0 / Rev. 2022-07-24 / 如有变更以新版为准。