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MultiGas 紫外线传感器 NDUV/UVRAS

NO / NO2 / SO2 / H2S
  • UVRAS = 紫外共振光谱仪
  • 允许同时分析NO、NO2和SO2的气体。




A combination of both technologies (UVRAS & NDUV) allows simultaneous gas analysis of NO, NO2 and SO2 in the lower ppm range, which is particularly important in flue gas analysis (CEM, Continuous Emission Monitoring).
rit 2021 sensorik gehaeuse Intertego 3HE IT154430


  • 便携式气体分析(PEMS,便携式排放监测系统)

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Group of detectable gases:
    SO2 NO2 NO
  • Temperature controlled up to 55 °C
  • Fast response time < 3 seconds
  • Durable EDL (> 16000 h)
  • Flow-independent measurement 0-2 L/min
  • No influence of gas humidity
  • No NOx converter required
  • Compact size
  • In »Thermobox« as standard for stable measurement conditions


  • Readjustment of the zero-point is recommended once a week.
  • Contamination of the measuring cuvette can lead to shifting of the end-point. Due to the integrated filter, re-adjustment of the end-point is generally not required – but can be performed once a year.
  • Additionally, cartridges filled with an inert and the respective test gas for recalibration of the zero and end-point can be provided.
  • Long-term drift is < 1% of Full Scale (F.S.) / 24 h.


V 1.0 / Rev. 2022-04-05 / 如有变更以新版为准。