Safety Valve – free blow-off

Suitable for: RITTER Drum-type Gas Meters and Bellows-type Gas Meters
Schematic - Safety Valve – free blow-off
Gases: non-toxic
Set pressure: type 1: 50 mbar
type 2: 500 mbar
type 3: 1 bar
Maximum flow rate:
see table below
Material: 1.4571 / 1.4301
Function: spring loaded
Operating temperature: (1) -60 °C to +130 °C
Installation position: vertical
Sealing: Viton

(1) Please mind the temperature range of the gas meter!

Max. flow rate: at set pressure of:
Air (0°C) 27 Nm3/h type 1: 50 mbar
CO2 (0°C) 22 Nm3/h type 2: 500 mbar
N (0°C) 50 Nm3/h type 3: 1 bar

Caution: If the pressure will exceed the above-mentioned set pressure, the safety valve will open. However, if the flow rate from the gas source exceeds the above-mentioned max. flow rate, the valve would not be able to vent the meter quickly enough.

This would built-up a pressure inside of the meter and may destroy the gas meter despite of the opened valve!

Inlet Outlet Dimensions Set pressure Weight
E d0 (mm) D (mm) l (mm) A H3 (mm) H5 (mm) SW (mm) d0 (mm) p (bar) (kg)
G ½









0.05 / 0,5 / 1


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