Brand-new RITTER MultiPlexer for Gas Analysis

The RITTER Company has been successfully operating in the fields of engineering, manufacturing of thermoplastic products and measuring systems for almost 70 years. The RITTER MultiPlexer represents a new highlight of these measuring systems.

Do you have to analyze gas from multiple sources such as biogas fermentation tests? Perhaps more than one gas component, for example CH4, CO2, and O2? Do you want to save money for multiple gas sensors by obtaining the very same results nevertheless? Then try the new RITTER MultiPlexer for Gas Analysis!

RITTER is happy to introduce its …

Brand-new RITTER MultiPlexer for Gas Analysis

… which will be introduced at the EUBCE 2019 in Lisbon for the first time!

This system allows the measurement of gas concentrations from multiple gas sources with just one gas sensor.

  • 1 Gas Sensor analyses concentrations of up to 4 gas components from up to 18 gas sources
  • Configuration 1:
    After the analysis of the gas all gas lines are combined in one gas outlet line
  • Configuration2:
    After the analysis of the gas each gas line continues in its original line for further measurements
  • Compensation of humidity (in combination with the new data acquisition software RIGAMO 4.0)

Patent pending.

Visit RITTER at EUBCE 2019 · 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
2019, Mai 27 – 30 · Lisbon Congress Center ·
Booth 51

Dr. Ritter will be personally available for any questions!