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Announcing RIGAMO 4.0

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The RITTER Company has been successfully operating in the fields of engineering, manufacturing of thermoplastic products and measuring systems for almost 70 years. Users of the previous RITTER data acquisition software »RIGAMO« were able to read data of volume and flow rate from RITTER Gas Meters. The new unified software »RIGAMO« 4.0 allows the data acquisition from all present RITTER Products including Gas Analysis Sensors as well as the upcoming Volumetric Mass Flow Measurement Products.

RITTER is happy to introduce its …

Brand-new Unified Data Acquisition Software for RITTER Products RIGAMO 4.0

…which will be introduced at the EUBCE 2019 in Lisbon for the first time!


ONE software for …

  • volumetric measurement of gas volume and flow rate
  • gas analysis with NDIR & NDUV Gas Sensors
  • RITTER MultiPlexer for gas analysis of up to 18 gas lines
  • control of heating oven
  • control of fermentation bottles
  • volumetric mass flow measurement

Visit RITTER at EUBCE 2019 · 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
2019, Mai 27 – 30 · Lisbon Congress Center ·
Booth 51

Dr. Ritter will be personally available for any questions!