MilliGascounter MGC-1 PVDF

Technical Drawing

MGC1 V34 PVDF PVC DataSheet


Performance Data

Minimum flow Qmin 1 ml
Maximum flow Qmax 1 ltr/h
Measurement accuracy (1) ±3 | ±1 %
Measuring drum volume, approx (2) 3 ml
Min. measuring volume (resolution) (3) 3 ml
Packing liquid quantity, approx 120 ml
Diameter 98 mm
Height 109 mm
Weight 600 g
Maximum gas inlet pressure 100 mbar
Minimum gas inlet pressure 8 mbar
Gas inlet pressure at start of measurement (5) 9 mbar
Gas Temperature (4) 10 to 80 °C
Minimum dial division (6) 0.01 ml
Maximum indication value (6) 999,999.99 ml
Connection gas in/outlet
Outside-Ø 6 mm
Inside-Ø 4 mm
  • (1) Because of the physical measurement principle, the measurement error is dependent on the flow rate. The data acquisition software »RIGAMO« (accessory) provides an algorithm, which automatically recalculates the actual measurement data to the real values at the respective actual flow rate on the basis of the calibration curve. Thus, the remaining error can be reduced significantly or the flow rate range can be extended at the constant measurement error of ±3%. The remaining error is better than approx. ±1% across the full flow rate range.
  • (2) = Nominal value; exact value will be determined by individual calibration
  • (3) = Volume of measuring chamber
  • (4) For complete MGC unit applies: With temperatures > room temperature (e.g. if placed in heating furnace) a foam formation of the packing liquid was monitored in particular cases.
  • (5) The minimum gas inlet may be increased if the measurement starts with a high flow rate. In this case a higher pressure is needed until the micro capillary in the base plate is clear of packing liquid.
  • (6) Because of calibration factor with 2 decimals

Models (materials)

  • Casing:
  • Measurement cell:
  • Screw-type tube coupling:

Standard Equipment

  • 8-digit Totalizing Roller Counter
  • Bubble level for levelling
  • Level and Levelling Feet
  • Magnetic Coupling (between the measuring drum and counting mechanism)
  • Multi-Chamber Measuring Drum
  • Supports for Thermometer and Manometer
  • Viton sealing


V 3.4 / Rev. 2022-03-27 / Subject to alterations.