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MultiGas Módulo Ultravioleta NDUV / UVRAS

NO / NO2 / SO2 / H2S
  • UVRAS = Espectroscopía de resonancia UV
  • Permite el análisis simultáneo de gases de NO, NO2 y SO2

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Para la detección de NO se utiliza una EDL (lámpara de descarga de gas sin electrodos). En la EDL, el N2 y el O2 se convierten en NO y producen una radiación UV selectiva. Esta radiación permite medir el NO sin sensibilidad cruzada. Este método se denomina espectroscopia de resonancia UV (UVRAS).

A combination of both technologies (UVRAS & NDUV) allows simultaneous gas analysis of NO, NO2 and SO2 in the lower ppm range, which is particularly important in flue gas analysis (CEM, Continuous Emission Monitoring).


  • Análisis portátil de gases (PEMS, Portable Emission Monitoring System)

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Group of detectable gases:
    SO2 NO2 NO
  • Temperature controlled up to 55 °C
  • Fast response time < 3 seconds
  • Durable EDL (> 16000 h)
  • Flow-independent measurement 0-2 L/min
  • No influence of gas humidity
  • No NOx converter required
  • Compact size
  • In »Thermobox« as standard for stable measurement conditions


  • Readjustment of the zero-point is recommended once a week.
  • Contamination of the measuring cuvette can lead to shifting of the end-point. Due to the integrated filter, re-adjustment of the end-point is generally not required – but can be performed once a year.
  • Additionally, cartridges filled with an inert and the respective test gas for recalibration of the zero and end-point can be provided.
  • Long-term drift is < 1% of Full Scale (F.S.) / 24 h.

Opciones / Sensores Adicionales

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