TG 1 Stainless steel 1 bar

Technical Drawing

tg001.0 14 v32


  1. Support unit for:
    • Thermometer (gas)
    • Thermometer (packing fl.)
    • Manometer
  2. Level
  3. Removable cover
  4. Puls generator port (option)
  5. Gas outlet
  6. Filling nozzle
  7. Rear plate, detachable
  8. Gas inlet
  9. Manometer connection
  10. Liquid Level Indicator
  11. Drainage faucet
  12. Levelling foot

Performance Data

Minimum flow Qmin2ltr/h
Standard flow Qstandard100ltr/h
Maximum flow Qmax120ltr/h
Measurement accuracy at standard flow0.2%
Measurement accuracy across measuring range0.5%
Measuring drum volume1ltr/U
Packing liquid quantity, approx3ltr
Maximum gas inlet pressure1,000mbar
Minimum differential pressure (1)0.2mbar
Minimum dial division 0.01ltr
Maximum indication value (2)99,999,999ltr
Connection gas in/outlethose barb
Inside-Ø hose barb
Outside-Ø hose barb12mm
(1) Differential pressure (= pressure loss) gas inlet gas outlet
(2) Standard Totalizing Roller Counter

Models (materials)

Model Casing Measuring drum Width Height Depth Weight
(without packing liquid)
Max. constant
use temperature
1 Stainless Steel PVC-grey 265 mm 310 mm 380 mm 8.5 kg 40 °C
2 Stainless Steel PE-el 265 mm 310 mm 380 mm 8.3 kg 60 °C
3 Stainless Steel PP-grey 265 mm 310 mm 380 mm 8.3 kg 80 °C
4 Stainless Steel PVDF 265 mm 310 mm 380 mm 8.9 kg 80 °C

Caution: Before and after measurements with oxygen purge the meter with an inert gas to avoid the danger of explosion! For chemical resistance properties please contact your RITTER distribution partner!

Standard Equipment

  • Multi-Chamber Measuring Drum
  • Magnetic coupling between measuring drum and counter (for an absolutely liquid-tight casing)
  • 8 or 9-digit Totalizing Roller Counter
  • Large One-needle Dial
  • Supports for Thermometer and Manometer
  • Viton sealing
  • Level and Levelling Feet
  • Bubble level for levelling

Built-in Options


V 1.0 / Rev. 2024-02-07 / Subject to alterations.