Eine neue Dimension der CO2-Absorption ...

… with the RITTER CO2 Absorption Bottle

Better than 99% absorption capability and you don’t even need any absorption indicator!

  • With the Unique RITTER Dip Pipe System
  • Ideally suited for the RITTER Biogas Batch Fermentation System and MilliGascounter

Definition of CO2 Absorption Capacity with RITTER Absorption Bottles:

RITTER CO2 Absorption Curve

The above diagram shows the definition of the CO2 absorption capacity with the RITTER Absorption Bottle. The capacity limit is reached when the CO2 absorption rate is reduced from 100% at start to 99%. That means: The CO2 fraction of the biogas at the exit of the absorption bottle ranges between 0% and max. 1%. The remaining CH4 fraction is measured and indicated by the MilliGascounter. Read more about the measured and indicated CH4 volume when reaching the absorption capacity. Below of those stated volume values the user can be sure that the indicated CH4 volume contains a maximum of 1% of CO2.

CO2 Absorption of RITTER Absorption Bottles vs. Surface Absorption Bottles:

rit messgraph 2 1

The above diagram shows the CO2 absorption rates of RITTER Absorption Bottles at various flow rates in comparison to those ones of common surface absorption bottles.

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