Roller Table for Heating Oven BBFS-9 (Option)

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  • Wheeled table for setting up the heating oven for Fermentation System BBFS-9
  • Total height incl. standing heating oven = standard height laboratory tables (920 mm)


  • Table frame with 4 lockable wheels
  • 1 additional storage compartment below the Heating Oven
  • Suitable for holding the movable rack for the installation of MilliGascounters and Absorption Bottles


  • Frame made of aluminium profiles, table plates made of PE-blue
Table for BBFS-9Dimensions W 570 mm x D 570 mm x H 620 mm
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The illustration shows the tables with the Ovens in place as well as well as with the Rack for MilliGascounters and CO2 Absorption Bottles. The rack can be moved forward/backward for easy installation and handling of the MilliGascounters and CO2 Absorption Bottles.
The shown horizontal aluminium profiles can be used for hanging of gas sampling bags (option).

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