70 Years of Experience Manufacturing High Precision Measuring Instruments and Gas Meters for Research & Development

RITTER Engineering has been successful in the manufacture of measuring instruments as well as in the field of thermoplastic engineering for 70 years. In addition to innovative modular Multi-Gas Sensors and Biogas Batch Fermentation Systems, RITTER manufactures Gas Meters made out of various superior thermoplastics and high grade stainless steel, which are used world-wide in research & development laboratories as well as in industry. These meters can be used for volumetric measurement of even highly aggressive gases with laboratory precision.

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Mit über 75 Vertriebspartnern weltweit, nutzen Sie ein dichtes Vertriebsnetz und erhalten RITTER Produkte direkt bei Ihrem Ansprechpartner.

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The Biogas Batch Fermentation System with automatic data logging, you save valuable time and receive at the same time up to 18 measurement results!

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Maintenance Free

RITTER provides highly accurate measurement, even for highly-aggressive gases – and this for more than 25-years maintenance free!

History & Development

Historical Milestones

  • 01.07.1951 · Foundation of the „Wilhelm Ritter Company“ by Wilhelm Ritter
  • 1958 · RITTER manufactures the first gas meter fully made out of plastics
  • 1986 · Take-over of management by Dr. Joachim Ritter
  • 1996 · Invention of “High Precision Level Indicator” for drum-type meters (patented)
  • 2000 · RITTER introduces the »MilliGascounter« being the smallest volumetric gas meter world-wide
  • 2012 · Biogas branch (Research & Development): Biogas Batch Fermentation System »BBFS«


  • Leading manufacturer of Laboratory Gas Meters world-wide
  • Distributor network in all industrial countries
  • Volumetric measurements of gas flow rates from 1 ml/h to 18,000 ltr/h
  • Repeatability of RITTER Drum-type Gas Meters better than 0.05% (measurements at PTB)
  • Calibration of gas volume with an uncertainty of 0.5 %

RITTER Companies

Special partners

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  • Europaweit tätige Laborgruppe für Analytik in den Bereichen Agrar, Umwelt, Wasser, Lebensmittel und Futtermittel
  • Anwender der RITTER Biogas-Batch-Systeme
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  • Gasanalysesysteme für Prozesskontrolle
  • Hochwertige Komplettsysteme für kontinuierliche Fermentationsversuche mit RITTER-Trommelgaszählern

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