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Humidity Sensor

The HUMI.sens® is based on a capacitive humidity sensor. This sensor consists of a hygroscopic polymer material in which the water vapor from the measurement gas is stored. This incorporation …

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Oxygen Sensor

The O2.sens from Wi.Tec is based on an electrochemical process. In this process, a chemical reaction takes place with the oxygen to be measured and a liquid electrolyte. In this …

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Within the infrared spectral range between 2 µm to 12 µm or 14 µm the IR photometry can detect different gases. This spectral range is much larger than the UV …

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The UV photometry is based on the absorption of radiation in the spectral range between 200nm and 400nm. In this area, some important technical gases have a pronounced absorption band. …

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MultiGas Sensors

Analyze up to 4 different gases in only one table-top casing simultaneously with 3 modules. The modular components enable flexible adaptation of the measuring system to individual measuring tasks.

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