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Roller Table for Heating Oven BBFS-9 (Option)


  • Wheeled table for setting up the heating oven for fermentation system BBFS-9
  • Total height incl. standing heating oven = standard height laboratory tables (920 mm)


  • Table frame with 4 lockable wheels
  • 1 additional storage compartment below the heating oven
  • Suitable for holding the movable rack for the installation of MilliGascounters and absorption bottles


  • Frame made of aluminium profiles, table plates made of PE-blue
Table for BBFS-9 Dimensions W 570 mm x D 570 mm x H 620 mm
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The illustration shows the tables with the ovens in place as well as well as with the rack for MilliGascounters and CO2 absorption bottles. The rack can be moved forward/backward for easy installation and handling of the MilliGascounters and CO2 absorption bottles. The shown horizontal aluminium profiles can be used for hanging of gas sampling bags (option).
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Signal Interface Module (»SIM«)


  • Types: 1-/3-/9-/18-Channel
  • Central interface module for RITTER Biogas Batch Fermentation System BBFS V4.x


  • Data transmission of gas volume and temperature of a RITTER Gas Meter
  • Normalisation (temperature and pressure compensation) of gas volume and volume flow
  • Data transmission for temperature control of the Heating Oven
  • Data transmission for stirrer control of the Fermentation Bottles
  • Conversion of data into USB signals for connection to PC
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Heating Oven Type BBFS-9

  • Suitable for max. 9 x 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0 ltr PMMA Fermentation Bottles
  • Air circulation by 2 powerful fans for homogeneous heat distribution
  • Control panel with LCD display for digital temperature setting, increment 1°C
  • Integrated mainboard for operation of stirring units
  • RJ12 interface for bus line to the »SIM« signal interface module for controlling the oven temperature and speed/interval operation of the stirring devices (with RIGAMO V4.x)
Dimensions W 480 mm x D 570 mm x H 300 mm Weight 26.0 kg
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HXXO20200628133408PE 1600

PMMA Fermentation Bottle with Stirring device

Feature highlights

  • Absolute gas-tight by magnetic coupling between stirring motor and stirring blade
  • Various bottle sizes: 0.5 / 1 / 2 ltr – custom sizes on request
  • High breaking strength by PMMA material (no fragile glass gas outlet nozzle)
  • Custom stirring blades available

Technical Data

  • Stirring speed adjustable from 1 to 30 r/min *
  • Interval stirring with freely selectable interval times *
  • Suitable for media with low and high viscosity (≤ 450 mm2/sec)
  • Temperature range: 10 – 55 °C
  • Max. pressure: 100 mbar
  • Material fermentation bottle: PMMA crystal-clear
  • 2 connection ports: 1 x gas outlet, 1 x purging of heads space or sample taking, PVDF screw-type tube connection for tube Øi 4 mm, Øo 6 mm

* with »RIGAMO« V4.x software

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Type: MGC-1 PMMA / Material: Casing PMMA, measurement cell PVDF

  • Measuring range: 1 ml/h to 1 ltr/h
  • Measuring accuracy: ±3% across the whole flow rate range (better ±1% with »RIGAMO« software by dynamic correction of measurement errors)
  • Including individual calibration certificate
  • Volume measurement cell: 3 ml
  • Equipment: Digital display, 200 ml packing liquid, 1.5 m connection tube, cleaning tool, syringe and bubble level (1 piece each for up to max. 5 pc.)
  • Resolution (= min. measurement increment): 3 ml
  • Max. operating temperature 60 °C
  • Max. overpressure: 100 mbar
PMMA / PVDF Dimensions ø 96 mm x H 112 mm Weight 475 g

For a detailed description see RITTER MilliGascounters and data sheet »MilliGascounter MGC-1 PMMA«.

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