Operation Manual – RITTER Bellows-type Gas Meters

Table of Contents

Installation and measuring

  • After unpacking the gas meter, ensure that no pieces of packing material are stuck to the meter casing.
  • The Bellows-type Gas Meter can be installed to the piping system either in a standing position or suspended therein. Reduced piping diameters, elbows and shut-off facilities do not have any adverse effect on measurement accuracy. During installation, pay attention to the correct flow direction (refer to the directional arrow on the casing).
    For installation to the piping system, the Bellows-type Gas Meters are equipped with inch-threaded screw connections (BG 4 – BG 16) or with flange connections (BG 40 – BG 100). Nozzles for flexible tube connections are available as auxiliary equipment.
  • Before taking measurements, establish the current counter reading. On LCD display (accessory), set the counter manually to zero. On all counters, set the large indicator needle manually to zero.
    The meter is now ready for use.
  • When taking measurements, pay attention to the capacity of the respective gas meter.
    The maximum pressure load is 300 mbar for Bellow-type Gas Meters models BG 4 and BG 6, 50 mbar for BG 10, BG 16, and 0.5 bar for models BG 40 and BG 100!


  • RITTER Bellows-type Gas Meters do not require any maintenance.
  • In the event of inaccurate measurements or other defects, we recommend that the gas meter be returned to the factory for inspection and recalibration.

V 2.0 / Rev. 2024-02-21 / Subject to alterations.