Filter-Check Valve Combination

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During measuring operations with the RITTER MilliGascounter, the gas inside the counter flows through a capillary with an inner diameter of 0.4 mm. Particles and other contaminations can block this thin capillary. To prevent any possible blockage, a Filter-Check Valve Combination can be provided by RITTER.


The Filter-Check Valve Combination consists of the following parts:

RITTER Filter-Check Valve Combination parts

From left to right:

  • Hose barb for tube Øi 4 mm / Øo 6 mm, Polypropylene
  • Filter 0.45 micron, Casing: acrylic / filter element: PTFE
  • Check valve, Casing: PC / valve body: silicone
  • Hose barb for tube Øi 4 mm / Øo 6 mm, Polypropylene


This combi module is delivered in a pre-mounted configuration:

RITTER Filter-Check Valve Combination installation
The arrow indicates the gas flow direction.

The module must be installed in the gas tube in front of the MilliGascounter. Simply push the tube coming from the gas source onto the left hose barb. Push another (short piece) of tube onto the right hose barb and connect this tube to the MilliGascounter according the MGC Manual.

Replacement Parts

For replacement parts please check with your national Distributor or RITTER directly.

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