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In 2015 RITTER introduced the Biogas Batch Fermentation System which was since that time installed successfully in many biogas labs world-wide. As a constistent next step RITTER developed its own low-weight heating oven made out of thermoplastic (PE) for Batch Fermentation Systems.
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In the year 2000 RITTER introduced the original patented MilliGascounter® to the biogas R&D world. Almost 20 years later thousands and thousands of MilliGascounters are in use world-wide. With the new 9-cell Block-MilliGascounter this success story will be continued.
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Users of the previous RITTER data acquisition software »RIGAMO« were able to read data of volume and flow rate from RITTER gas meters. The new unified software »RIGAMO« 4.0 allows the data acquisition from all present RITTER products including gas analysis as well as from the future Volumetric Mass Flow Measurement.
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RITTER CO2 Absorption im Vergleich Messgraph

… with the RITTER CO2 Absorption Bottle Better than 99% absorption capability and you don’t even need any absorption indicator! Definition of CO2 Absorption Capacity with RITTER Absorption Bottles: The above diagram shows the definition of the CO2 absorption capacity…

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